An in-game developer console (debug console) for Unity projects, allowing developers or players to execute commands or view incoming Unity messages (i.e. Debug.Log, errors, etc.)

The dev console window has a user-friendly look, inspired by Valve's Source engine console and Discord's user-interface. It includes text suggestion, autocomplete & key bindings that enable quick access to commands.

An easy solution for complex tweening animations. Designed to be simple and intuitive to use, whilst also flexible and configurable.

Includes various easing functions and extension methods for various types.

A seamless asset for playing audio clips, sound effects and music without needing to worry about managing Audio Sources. I've designed it to be simply plug-and-play with no setup required.

Includes various ways to play sounds and a series of helpful audio-related methods.

A simple tool that bakes the lights for multiple scenes, and automatically compresses the assets. The tool is highly configurable and works with version control, such as Perforce.

I created this to assist with Me, Myself & Die - to reduce the workload on the team members.

Collection of static methods for maths and random utilities. I find these methods really helpful and applicable across projects.

A lightweight component that can be used to take screenshots (by developers). Images can be exported in PNG, JPG or TGA.