An in-game developer console (debug console) for Unity projects, allowing developers or players to execute commands or view incoming Unity messages (i.e. Debug.Log, errors, etc.)

The dev console window has a user-friendly look, inspired by Valve's Source engine console and Discord's user-interface. It includes text suggestion, autocomplete & key bindings that enable quick access to commands.

A simple tool that bakes the lights for multiple scenes, and automatically compresses the assets. The tool is highly configurable and works with version control, such as Perforce.

I created this to assist with Me, Myself & Die - to reduce the workload on the team members.

A script that allows complex tweening animations in Unity. Includes various easing functions and extension methods to help create cool animations quickly & easily.

Collection of static methods for maths and random utilities. I find these methods really helpful and applicable across projects.

A lightweight component that can be used to take screenshots (by developers). Images can be exported in PNG, JPG or TGA.